Gulf Coast
High School
Class of 2019
Naples , FL

About Me

Who I am

I am a Senior AP Honor Roll student at Gulf Coast High School, a high school diver as well as a year round USA Diving competitor on 

1M, 3M, and platform

What I do

I dive. I strive. 

I contribute.

I am a consistent competitor.

I am a leader.

How I do it

Commitment to an aggressive year round high level club training on all 3 boards, fitness, and nutrition plan

Dryland Training & Conditioning

Weights, cardio, strength training, 

belts, physical therapy, pilates (1x week)

6 days per week

Coach Testimonials

"Olivia's work ethic is second to none. She sets high goals and works to achieve them"--Harry Lawson, Retired Head Coach, Gulf Coast High School Swim & Dive, Major, US Army


To attain the highest level of collegiate academic and diving opportunities by continuing to work hard and achieve success in high school both in the classroom and on the boards

Academics & Extracurricular

  • 4.71 weighted GPA
  • Class rank 60/574
  • SAT score: 710 Math/ 730 ELA
  • AP Scholar Award
  • 3 time Varsity Academic Letter award
  • Sophomore PSAT National Merit Scholar qualifier
  • Model United Nations member 
  • AA Consideration 2016
  • French Honor Society

Current Dive Lists

1M: 103B,401B,201B,301B,5132D,105C,403B,203B, 303C,5223D



305C,5233D (working 107C)


103B (10M),403B (10M),612B (10M),5231D (10M),105B (10M),614B (10M),205B (10M),405C (10M), 5152B (10M), 107C(10M)

Community Involvement

Consistently engaged in various volunteer opportunities in the community, including working with underprivileged children, working with young women to build self esteem, and performing through our school at various charitable events

Background & Mission

Having transitioned from years of competitive gymnastics mid 2015, I am committed to continuing to train on all 3 boards to reach my potential as a top high school and USA Diving competitor to become a solid D1 Diving candidate/recruit. In addition to my diving skill and goals, I bring extremely high level academics and success in the classroom and in the community. I strive to settle on an academic institution that allows me to be part of not only an elite athletic environment, but a strong academic environment as well.

I've been diving a total of 3 years, and competed my first USA Diving season, finishing with JO Nationals, August 2017. I trained for a year with Ft. Lauderdale Diving Team under Bryan Gillooly, then Yaidel Gamboa and Dave Burgering. In January of 2018 I transitioned courses to virtual so I could train full time with John Wingfield / Ripfest Indiana and I am finishing my senior year with Michelle Sandelin @Coral Springs Diving so I can continue the level of training, but also take part in my senior year as Captain of my high school swim and dive team as well as continue to be involved in my extracurricular high school activities.

News & Updates